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John Lennon – Alternate Shaved Fish (2018) Mp3

29 giugno 2018

John Lennon – Alternate Shaved Fish 2018

Excellent collection of outtakes, rehearsals & demos

The compilation includes many of Lennon’s most popular solo recordings, five of which had not yet appeared on an album: “Cold Turkey”, “Instant Karma!”, “Power to the People”, the holiday single “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” and “Give Peace a Chance”.Eight of these singles made the Top 40 on the Billboard chart, with “Whatever Gets You thru the Night” going to number 1; five made the top ten in the United Kingdom. “Imagine”, never previously released as a single in the UK, was issued as such concurrent to the release of this album. Several of the master tapes were unavailable for the compilation, and dubs were used, some with shorter fadeouts. A later compact disc issue used the original masters, restoring the full fadeouts of these songs.

Notes: and so this is Christmas…Merry Christmas from slipperman. Analogkid gives thankx to slipperman, good looking out

Alternate “Shaved Fish”:

01 Give Peace A Chance – Rehearsal
02 Cold Turkey – One To One rehearsal
03 Instant Karma! – Different mix from Top Of The Pops
04 Power To The People – Rough mix with longer intro and outtro
05 Mother – Alternate take, different beginning
06 Woman Is The ****** Of The World – Alternate Take with count in, runs much longer
07 Imagine – Take 1
08 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night – Rough Mix
09 Mind Games – Rough Mix
10 #9 Dream – Monitor Mix
11 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Rough Mix, without strings and chorus

More Alternate Versions:
12 Give Peace A Chance – Rehearsal, Complete Version
13 Cold Turkey – Rough Mix From Acetate
14 Instant Karma! – US Single Mix
15 Power To The People – Alternate Take, Early Runthrough
16 Power To The People – Alternate Take, No Backing Vocals

Home Demos:
17 Give Peace A Chance – Acoustic Guitar Demo
18 Cold Turkey – Acoustic Guitar Demo
19 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night – Acoustic Guitar Demo
20 #9 Dream – Acoustic Guitar Demo
21 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Acoustic Guitar Demo

Live Versions:
22 Imagine (Jerry Lewis TV Show)
23 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Live With Elton John in Madison Square Garden)
24 Cold Turkey (Live NYC)


John Lennon – Alternate Shaved Fish 2018.rar

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