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Glenn Frey – Above The Clouds – The Very Best Of [3 CD] (2018) Mp3

10 luglio 2018

Glenn Frey was an American singer, songwriter, actor and founding member lead singer and frontman for the Eagles. This was a role he came to share with fellow member Don Henley, with whom he wrote most of the Eagles’ material. Frey played guitar and keyboards as well as singing lead vocals on songs such as “Take It Easy”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Already Gone”, “James Dean”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “New Kid in Town”, and “Heartache Tonight”.After the breakup of the Eagles in 1980, Frey embarked on a successful solo career.

Format: 3 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Genre: Rock
Style: Acoustic, Classic Rock, Country Rock, Soft Rock


Disk 1
(01) [Glenn Frey] The Heat Is On.mp3
(02) [Glenn Frey] Call On Me.mp3
(03) [Glenn Frey] Part Of Me, Part Of You.mp3
(04) [Glenn Frey] You Belong To The City.mp3
(05) [Glenn Frey] Smuggler’s Blues.mp3
(06) [Glenn Frey] Sexy Girl.mp3
(07) [Glenn Frey] The Allnighter.mp3
(08) [Glenn Frey] Soul Searchin’.mp3
(09) [Glenn Frey] Same Girl.mp3
(10) [Glenn Frey] The One You Love.mp3
(11) [Glenn Frey] Strange Weather.mp3
(12) [Glenn Frey] I’ve Got Mine.mp3
(13) [Glenn Frey] River Of Dreams.mp3
(14) [Glenn Frey] Love In The 21st Century.mp3
(15) [Glenn Frey] Lyin’ Eyes – Take It Easy (Medley Live,Dublin,
Disk 2
(01) [Glenn Frey] Let’s Go Home.mp3
(02) [Glenn Frey] I Got Love.mp3
(03) [Glenn Frey] This Way To Happiness.mp3
(04) [Glenn Frey] Common Ground.mp3
(05) [Glenn Frey] After Hours.mp3
(06) [Glenn Frey] Rising Sun (Instrumental).mp3
(07) [Glenn Frey] The Shadow Of Your Smile.mp3
(08) [Glenn Frey] Better In The U.S.A..mp3
(09) [Glenn Frey] Brave New World.mp3
(10) [Glenn Frey] Caroline, No.mp3
(11) [Glenn Frey] For Sentimental Reasons.mp3
(12) [Glenn Frey] It’s Too Soon To Know.mp3
(13) [Glenn Frey] Worried Mind.mp3
(14) [Glenn Frey] Lover’s Moon.mp3
(15) [Glenn Frey] Route 66.mp3
(16) [Glenn Frey] True Love.mp3

Disk 3
(01) [Glenn Frey] Jubilee Anne.mp3
(02) [Glenn Frey] Run Boy, Run.mp3
(03) [Glenn Frey] Rebecca.mp3
(04) [Glenn Frey] Lucky Love.mp3
(05) [Glenn Frey] Kite Woman.mp3
(06) [Glenn Frey] Bring Back Funky Women.mp3
(07) [Glenn Frey] Star-Spangled Bus.mp3
(08) [Glenn Frey] Mister, Mister.mp3
(09) [Glenn Frey] Don’t Talk Now.mp3
(10) [Glenn Frey] Never Have Enough.mp3


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Glenn Frey – Above The Clouds.3-CD.2018 ak320.part2.rar – 173.2 MB

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